Julie Golden Globe ran only to accompany the suspect as well-known foreign film nominated by key

17. ledna 2012 v 4:01 | Ella
Zhu Liliang with Golden Globe
BEIJING, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) Hong Kong's "Ming Pao" reported the 69th Golden Globe Awards results announced this morning, will be held prior to the major film companies the size of the party, gathering different candidates, and many more were forced to old love new love the same field; compete for best foreign film directed more at the weekend arranged by the organizers met with the media, but with "Jinling 13 hairpin" was included in the Zhang Yimou has disappeared, so virgin war romance directed "In the Land of Blood and Honey "to compete for the Golden Globes Angelina Jolie • (Angelina Jolie), a press conference focus.

Hosting the Golden Globes Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association, Zhang Yimou is not about the absence of reasons, but not that he represented. Although Julie has said, never thought I'd directed the film, but for the first time as a director or excessive pressure, you become almost a nervous breakdown; but received a Golden Globe nomination for best foreign film is undoubtedly the kind of encouragement to her, so the day before press conference, she appeared dressed especially to OL, dilute star quality. In fact, in the Best Foreign Language Film Award for her or the "rans" state, in addition to "Jinling 13 hairpin" Zhang Yimou is a strong competitor, the other three entries are also well-known film director, including "My gorgeous skins" Pedro Almodovar, from Belgium's "The Kid with a Bike" Dai Dan brothers (Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne), and has won Bacheng Critics Best Foreign Language Film of the organization, "Iran-style separation" director Asghar Farhadi. In addition to five candidates for director Julie, all of international reputation, were the three major film festivals in the world: Berlin, Cannes and Venice, won the best film or director award.

On the other hand, Golden Globe Awards held at the eve of the BAFTA tea party reception were nominated British film have taken backstage, W magazine's wish party and charity event Peace for Cinema, etc.; which marriage is in crisis and has been since the "diving" in actress Demi Moore, Golden Globe Awards in a ceremony on Friday coming out party, skinny after makeup after Demi, the spirit is still good.

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