Wang announced the single quick chop Rainie said another meeting will be an embarrassing affair

12. prosince 2011 v 3:57 | Ella

Wang Yang-ming (right) yesterday for the cousin Wang Yi people create their own brand site. (Source: Internet)

Wang Yang-ming (left), Rainie had "defects U.S." MV in play lovers. (Source: Internet)

BEIJING, Dec. 12 - According to Buy Runescape Gold Taiwan media reports, Rainie Yang and Wang with a two-month tour in New York because of the short-lived romance bizarre exposure and cut! Yesterday, Wang Yi, Wang Yangming cousin who create their own brand of women's press conference asked Rainie, words were subtle but clear: "If you see her in the company would be a bit embarrassing." Said: "A lot of boys are likely to WOW Gold fall in love with Marilyn Monroe , but I have not. "

Wang for performing "I may not love you" was an instant sensation, from the social circle for the successful transformation of your son idol drama actor. He and Sister Marilyn Monroe with the brokerage company was broke and offer aircraft photos, they came from the same tour in Cheap WOW Gold New York love the exposure, but they did not recognize the romance front, the Wang Yangming, admits: "my heart will think that this, thought that the media write a bit exaggerated, this environment is like this it may be. "

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