Lady GaGa admitted that it was predicted would be the embodiment of the accidental death of Diana

14. prosince 2011 v 6:53 | Ella

Lady GaGa
According to British media reports, recently, Lady GaGa Runescape Gold releases a song about Princess Diana (Princess Diana) of the death song, and I think they will be like Diana as accidental death.

According to reports, in 1997, Diana died in car accident due to the age of 36. And because of this accident is to avoid reporters track, caused by speeding.

It is reported that, GaGa themselves as the embodiment of Princess WOW Gold Diana in the 21st century, "she often Weizhui reporters and fans, spy private life she had dreamed of himself as dead, she is very afraid of the final result of fame too large and death. "

GaGa said earlier, she fascinated by Diana's charities and fashion concept. Enhance her inspiration also comes from Diana's dress. Although the song was part of the critics, but Cheap WOW Gold fans still said that it has not wait to hear this song.

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