"Jump! A letter "Aspect today release five full resolution

10. prosince 2011 v 4:20 | Ella
"Jump! A letter 'stills
2011 was the most passionate reputation of Taiwan's film, "Jump! A letter of "carries enough blood, enough youth, enough passion and style will be enough business in the Runescape Gold Mainland today unveiled the big screen. Film by Taiwan's film guru Li Lie producer, Golden Horse Award for Best Documentary winner Lin Yuxian director, Eddie, Ke Yu-Lun Lin Chen Xi, Handian other starred, full Taiwanese films charm.

Ethan from the trigger, such as Taiwan Niu Ze self-entertainment "upside down" according to Li Cheng roll spirit, and then moved to film in Europe, Canada and other international audience, "Jump! A letter "With little fresh blood and blood characteristics of both the roll all the way, finally the WOW Gold long-awaited reveal the truth about the mainland audience, 44-inch chest outside the movies perfect body Eddie worked hard, play inside the Dream of a double story bound for the audience into the theater is a dream to create a unique and inspirational movie-viewing experience. Released on the occasion, in this comprehensive interpretation of "Jump! A letter "a wonderful spectacle, together with the letter A roll, let the dream the perfect landing.

Aspect One: Eddie screen smoking eye muscle radiance wonderful interpretation of "A letter 'roll spirit

Eddie eight abdominal muscles plus the standard 44-inch chest gymnast body, comes "Jump! A letter, "the largest and most lethal of Aspect. In order to be competent film adaptation of director Lin Yuxian brother real experience of the film, Eddie A letter following the coach after eight months of Buy WOW Gold uninterrupted deity gymnasium Gifted, boiled food with daily food, body fat content to 6%, equivalent to Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian to the United States after the NBA closed Gifted results. Even reading the small S face of countless men and Eddie are the perfect chest full of praise.

Unlike the traditional sense of the action movie, "Jump! A letter "A letter from the efforts to reproduce a lost self, struggling to regain the dream process, the final A letter has achieved his dream of gymnastics, to stand on the podium, as the pride of family and friends. Although because of hormones sprout, A letter once fallen, but he then step by step to return to the sacrifice and struggle done gymnastics, including A letter from the shaved head in the mirror, alone throw a note to find gang boss showdown with old teammates train together ready to play and other circumstances, the movie "roll spirit" theme layers of anatomy, very impressive.

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