"Glee," a special edition Star Wars and then continuously first Lord of the Dance

13. prosince 2011 v 4:30 | Ella
Reuters Christmas time is coming, "Glee," the Christmas special edition also prepared to Geeks surprise, this set will be "teacher shoes" Matthew Morrison and personally directed the Runescape Gold "Star Wars" in the alien Chewbacca will come to McKinley Middle School.

Actors Chris Cole Dover, a small Harry Shum Jr. And Make Sai Ling (Mark Salling) have been drying out on Twitter and his "Star Wars Meng objects" photo, Matthew participated in talk shows, when WOW Gold explained, "we give George Lucas called and they put Chewbacca sent." But be sure to visit the Wookie's only guest to join in not singing.
In addition to the arrangements of Christmas drama crowded, the back end of the second episode in the winter break in "Glee," will perform Michael Jackson tribute album, this episode will be 12 kings The songs offer, but also the Madonna , the goddess Gaga Britney Britney and later a music hall singer special class.
Series co-creator Ryan Murphy (Ryan Murphy) that the first 300 in commemoration of the play field when it intends to make music and dance performances to pay tribute Featured in an episode this Buy WOW Gold season, they and FOX's Chairman and President of negotiations for a long time before strive to make this issue right.
This set will be January 24 (winter break after return 2 sets) broadcast, and the Christmas special edition will be broadcast on December 13.

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