Foreign media: Iran admit that Western sanctions harm the domestic oil industry

22. prosince 2011 v 9:34 | Ella
Western sanctions on Iran did not mind the attitude of yesterday, there is a new disguise flaws. Deputy oil minister admitted as decreased foreign investment, domestic oil production decline. Iran and Poland's largest developer of natural gas up to four years between the negotiations have been broken.
Iran's Deputy Oil Minister Ahmad Le Bani seems uncharacteristically, the official news agency revealed the impact of the sanctions. Iranian Students News Agency quoted him as saying in 2011, Iran's crude oil production decline than the previous year. He said the decline was "due a lack of investment caused by the oil field development."

Distributors and gas development and oil and gas companies in Poland have been involved in the breakdown of negotiations, one of Iran's largest oil and gas blocks in the Persian Gulf's Lavan gas field. Unclear the exact cause of the breakdown of negotiations, but the withdrawal of Polish companies clearly reflects the new pressures facing foreign companies that do not do business with Iran.

[AP, Rome, December 20 -] Italy is hosted by the United States and its allies to participate in a meeting to discuss sanctions against Iran to halt its pursuit of nuclear weapons in the so-called action.

The Italian Foreign Ministry said, "like-minded" countries met in Rome today, officials, but it did not provide details.

Diplomats said the participating countries including the United States, European Union, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, and possibly a Gulf country. RS Gold According to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that Iran's oil exports and global energy prices are the main issues to be discussed.

[AFP, Washington, December 19 -] Japanese Foreign Minister Genba Koichiro 19, said Japan will not stop oil imports from Iran, during his visit to the rare and the United States issued a different opinion.

Meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after Genba Koizumi stressed Japan because of concerns about Iran's nuclear program and impose sanctions on the country. But he said: "I expressed my view that if you stop the import of crude oil from Iran, it could damage the entire global economy."

[Agence France-Presse, Vienna, December 20 -] Western diplomats said today that Iran has invited the United Nations nuclear watchdog access, it is not clear whether the Runescape Gold inspectors to reach the suspected secret nuclear weapons research and development activities take place.

A resident to the IAEA diplomat on condition of anonymity, said of our reporter: "According to conversations with the International Atomic Energy Agency, our understanding is ... a general invitation to Iran, but there is no specific thing. "


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